Site Editors

or: Who's there behind it?

Chief Editor: 
Jerzy Kuszel (Suwaki) 
texts selection and evaluation, contents editing
(including: tyranny, being oblivious to any and all critique)
Technical Editor: 
Grzegorz Gigol (Warszawa) 
design, HTML coding
(including: critique, being nosy)
Linguistic Editor: 
Graig L. Larson (Rising Star (Texas (USA)), temporarily: Krakw) 
cooperation, linguistic consultancy
(including: searching English texts, patiently explaining idiots to idioms (or, maybe it's the other way around?))
Useful Addresses:
Unfortunately, all people are not civilized. Some send out their scout robots, collect e-mail addresses off the Web and spam us. In order to make their lives a little harder, we have changed this page. Unfortunately, our normal readers' lives get a little harder, too. We trust you will forgive us, though. 
If you try to use the links below, you will get a wrong address. You need to manually replace the underscore in the address with a dot.
Gallery: galeria@limeryki_pl
(here we collect the best Polish (and English) limericks) 
Clinic: lecznica@limeryki_pl
(ailing, crippled, and plain sick limericks are being treated here) 
Contests: konkurs@limeryki_pl
(well, those are just Polish limericks, but you're welcome to try your hand at them!) 
Technical Editor: webmaster@limeryki_pl
(all comments and/or suggestions are welcome) 
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